Miley Cyrus sounds like one awesome friend. The outspoken starlet rushed to defend her 'LOL' co-star and on-screen mom, Demi Moore, amid allegations of drug use and reports of rehab.

Radar Online reports that Cyrus took to Facebook to air her grievances with the media. "Everyone needs to leave Demi alone," the 'Can't Be Tamed' singer wrote. "She's been through so much the past year. She doesn't need the crap. How can you talk crap on someone you don't know?"

Cyrus had particular issues with accusations of Moore's substance abuse. "The media makes everyone in Hollywood seem 'weak,' 'stupid,' or 'unbalanced,'" Cyrus wrote. "Just because she's in Hollywood doesn't mean she's on drugs. NOT EVERYONE IS ON DRUGS!!!" It's a subject Cyrus is likely especially sensitive to. In the past year, she's come under fire for both inhaling salvia and claiming to be a "stoner" on video.

"Put yourself in her shoes," Cyrus continued. "How are you supposed to hold up while everyone in the world is so naïve and they believe everything the media says? Almost her entire life has been in the public eye." It's certainly a sentiment Cyrus can personally relate to, as she's been in the spotlight since before she could get a learner's permit.

The pair partied together recently shortly before Moore entered rehab following an overdose of nitrous oxide. Cyrus was photographed at the party posing suggestively with a now-infamous "penis cake" for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's birthday, so she knows all about living under the media microscope.

We applaud Cyrus for sticking to her guns and sticking by her friends. With a support system like this, we're sure Moore will be healthy and happy again soon!