Still looking for that last minute Christmas present for that special someone? Well if they're a fan of Miley Cyrus, you may want to check out Southern Made Hollywood Paid, her rocker brother's new clothing line.

Trace Cyrus, of Metro Station, has joined forces with his little sister to launch a T-shirt from his Hollywood Paid winter line that will appeal to both guys and girls. The unisex tee features a dreamcatcher symbol constructed from the famed three-pronged logo of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. To add her own personal touch to the design, Cyrus' signature has been printed on the shirt as well.

In addition to the T-shirt version of the design, the Cyrus' have also released a limited edition hoodie with the same dreamcatcher print. "... only 60 made!" Trace tweeted last week about the new hoodie that is available in both guys and girls sizes.

All proceeds from the sale of the items designed by the former 'Hannah Montana' star will go toward her charity, Get Ur Good On. To order your T-shirt or hooded sweatshirt, visit Southern Made Hollywood Paid's official website by clicking here.