Miley Cyrus sat down for Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie on 'The Ellen Show,' and the results were as adorable as you'd expect.

The two tykes have grown so much that they need two whole seats instead of the one they used to share. The gals traded their typical pink tutus for lilac-hued ones while they sipped tea with Cyrus. Sophia Grace gushed, "Her voice is unbelievable!"

The girls were initially a little miffed that Miley was underdressed, but she was soon presented with her own tutu and crown to match the lil' lasses.

When Sophia Grace "revealed" that she and Rosie wanted to grow up to be pop stars (not much a of a revelation there!), Miley offered them advice that they originally got from Nicki Minaj. "Just be a kid and remember what's important about being a kid," Cyrus said earnestly. (Perhaps that's where her rebellion kicks in, eh, Billy Ray?)

The trio joined forces for a rendition of Cyrus' hit 'The Climb,' then asked to see Cyrus' ring from fiance Liam Hemsworth. "It's really sparkly, I just got it cleaned before I got here!" she exclaimed. "Isn't it fun?" The girls gushed over the gold, and Miley commended their good taste. "I love gold, it's my favorite color!"

One of the most adorbs moments? When Miley told Sophia Grace and Rosie that her wedding dress will likely look like their tutus. "Probably less color -- just white -- but a little frill, and you gotta have the poof!"