During a recent concert in Melbourne, Miley Cyrus was performing her hit, 'The Climb,' when one of her Aussie fans took the message a bit too literally and actually climbed onto the stage to greet her idol.

Thankfully, Miles made it all the way through the song -- three minutes and fifty five seconds in, to be exact -- before she was tackled, football style, from behind by her crazed fan and a security guard, just a second behind the action.

Of course, in the video below, it looks like the fanatic was just going in for a hug from her fave Hannah Montana, so Miley's reaction to being 'attacked' was slightly unprecedented. Once the 18-year-old pop icon realizes that there is someone on stage who should not be, she screams and gives out a very clear "Oh my god" into the microphone, though that may have been a result of the way the security guard slammed into her, rather than the ordeal itself.

Miley was quickly ushered off the stage herself by said security guard, as her band members played off the end of 'The Climb' and the Melbourne crowd cheered.

Watch Miley Cyrus Have a Close Fan Encounter in Melbourne