Last night, Miley Cyrus hosted her first-ever episode of 'Saturday Night Live.' Despite a lot of recent drama in the Cyrus family, the 18-year-old had no trouble putting a smile on her face and playing along with the cast. Some highlights of the show included Cyrus' opening monologue, her appearance as Justin Bieber on 'The Miley Cyrus Show,' and her hilarious impression of Fergie.

In her opening monologue, Cyrus addressed several issues that she has faced in the past, from her party-girl status to the infamous bong-smoking video. In the song, Cyrus sang "I'm sorry I'm not perfect" as she made less of the gossip surrounding her by comparing her own actions to the crazy antics of other stars like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

Then, it happened. Miley Cyrus appeared on 'The Miley Cyrus Show,' the sketch that pokes fun at her, dressed up as Justin Bieber. In the sketch, 'SNL' comedian Vanessa Bayer plays an overly exuberant caricature of Cyrus as she attempts to interview celebrities. When the time came for the interview portion of the skit, the actual Miley Cyrus walked onstage dressed as Justin Bieber, donning his signature purple hoodie and swooping hairdo. Cyrus did her best Bieber impression, giving props to her swagger coach and winking for the camera.

Later in the show, Cyrus continued to show off her talent for impressions, as she pretended to be Fergie in a sketch about the Black Eyed Peas. Portraying the female member of the pop quartet, Cyrus wore a tight green dress and tried to steal the spotlight from her fellow Black Eyed Peas members, and Taboo (aka 'SNL' cast members Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg).

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