We live in a culture of oversharing. Millennials are the selfie generation. The celeb who is the most emblematic of the phenom and the era? Oh, just Miley Cyrus.

In a study done by eBay Deals and conducted in September 2013, Cyrus was proven to be the selfie queen on Twitter, since the singer tweeted 121 selfies. But when you compare that to selfies posted on Instagram, that's small potatoes. Turns out reality TV star Kylie Jenner has shared over 450 selfies on that social media platform. Whoa!

But back to Miley. Since the singer was knee-deep in promoting 'Bangerz' in September, she certainly had a reason to share photos all over her Twitter feed, to keep her Smilers talking about her and to keep her name active in the media. She also tends to take a lot of photos with her beloved dogs.

But 121 selfies in a month? That's over four selfies a day and a lot of self-documentation.

Fame is also measured in social media stats nowadays. It's a big deal when Katy Perry passes Justin Bieber in terms of Twitter followers, a stat that is largely argued as inorganic, since the number of followers isn't of critical Twitter value, given the prevalence of bot or inactive accounts. It's actually the number of RTs that has more social media influence.

And that concludes our social media study for the day. We need to go tweet a photo of ourselves now, bye!