Oh Miley Cyrus! She can't be stopped. She won't be stopped. The singer has attributed her style change and image transformation to celebrity puberty. No, we're not kidding.

"It's called puberty. Everyone’s done it from the beginning of time," the singer said in an interview with Kelly Osbourne for the Fashion Police series. "I'm just doing it [in the spotlight] so you're zooming in on it and you’re fascinated by it. I don’t think people understand how I’m a real human being."

We're not sure people think Cyrus is a cyborg or an alien being, but she is doing crazy stuff, like wearing half-jeans, half-sweatpants in public. She chopped off her hair a year ago and her critics went nuts, accusing her of being a try-hard and of attempting to shock people.

She's calling it puberty. Um, okaaaaaaay.

Also, it's worth noting that Cyrus will turn 21 in November of this year. Puberty is something that people who are 14 go through. So she's way past the age of real adolescence and we don't think her growth was stunted or she's taking some sort of cray cray hormones. She's just being... Miley.