Miley Cyrus has added another tattoo to her collection. The teen queen hit Studio City Tattoo with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth to get the phrase "Love Never Dies" inked on the inside of her left bicep. It's simple, subtle and pretty, and not to mention easy to conceal on the red carpets that Cyrus so frequently walks as part of her job as teen A-lister.

TMZ posted a photo of the singer flashing her new ink. Miley was looking quite the rocker chick when she got her latest piece of skin adornment, sporting a vintage-looking Van Halen t-shirt. How fitting, right?

Cyrus received her latest ink on Saturday night (Feb. 18.).  She is nowhere near as covered as her older brother Trace, who sports tatts all over his person, including on his neck and face. We're pretty certain that we wouldn't lose our shirts if we made a bet wagering a chunk of cash on the fact that Miley will never be as inked as her bro.

Cyrus is amassing quite the inventory of tatts. She got a gay rights tattoo last summer. She also showed off a piece she got under her armpit near her breast and rib cage last spring.

The style chameleon also recently lobbed off her long locks.

Miley Cyrus is all about modifying her look right now, isn’t she?