Miley Cyrus, it that you? Madame Tussauds' London venue debuted a new wax figure of the singer — but it doesn't look too much like her.

The likeness is inspired by Miley's recent Bangerz tour. We give the artists mad props for capturing Miley's feathery red stage costume and the iconic tongue slide from the show. The wax figure's arms are raised in triumphant victory, which definitely mirrors the energy Miley exudes in her live performances. However, upon a closer look, the statue's face looks nothing like the singer's.

It's tough to pinpoint exact what is off about it. Something doesn't seem right with the face shape and the positioning of the features. For some reason, the lines around the eyes don't translate well, they seem to age her well beyond her 22 years. If it wasn't for Miley's famous facial expression — sticking out her tongue — we're not sure we'd be able to pinpoint that it's her.

Madame Tussauds previously unveiled a Miley Cyrus wax figure that was much more spot-on. The likeness, which is displayed in the Las Vegas venue, features a re-creation of Miley's "Wrecking Ball" music video. It depicts the singer sitting on an actual wrecking ball, clad in a tank top, white underwear and combat boots. That wax figure immediately calls to mind Miley's iconic music video.

You can check out photos of her newest, Bangerz-inspired wax figure in the photos above and below! (For comparison, you can check out a photo of Miley wearing the same outfit onstage here.)

John Phillips, Getty Images

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