Well, Miley Cyrus killed two birds with one onesie in a clever, revelatory photo she shared on Twitter.

Not only did she make a questionable fashionable statement, something she admitted to being guilty of in her red carpet travels, but she also wore her out-of-the-shop engagement ring. So she wore a leisurely outfit and pretty much told us her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is still on like Donkey Kong.

The pair's relationship has come under fire lately, as rumors ran rampant that they had split, while he rushed out of the public eye and bounced to his native Australia to get away and clear his head. One day it was Miley's partying ways that caused the split. The next it was concern over his roving eye.

Through it all, neither Cyrus nor her fiancé issued any sort of statement or update about the supposed trouble in paradise, save for Miley tweeting that her conspicuously absent-from-her-finger engagement ring was being repaired. She was mum, saying she would only use social media to discuss her new music. That in and of itself helped fan the flames of rumors, since she knew what people were saying and chose to keep quiet.

Now she has made a bigger statement by sharing this photo. Well, hello, Miley's engagement ring. So nice to see you again.

That means it's time for math class and to put two and two together. A woman who is no longer engaged does not continue to wear her engagement ring, unless she has major codependency issues.

We think that Miley and Liam are still together and we're glad about it. Whew!

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