Miley Cyrus' 'Party in the U.S.A.' is the latest video to be featured on VH1's 'Pop Up Video' series, revealing fun tidbits about the hit single and video shoot.

The teen star and her team filmed the clip on Army property in Los Angeles, where they set up dozens of old cars as a backdrop. The vehicles were handpicked by Cyrus and her mom, including some that belonged to crew members.

According to the addictive show, the 2009 smash, written by Jessie J, is about Cyrus' first time in Hollywood, but there's more to the song than most people know. "Miley said she didn't listen to Jay-Z because she doesn't like 'pop music,'" reads a bubble. "She only recorded this song to help launch her Walmart clothing line."

Little did Cyrus know that her tune would have a second life when Osama bin Laden was killed. The song was played outside of the White House, and its video was "watched online over 100,000 times within a few hours" of the event. To date, her video has been viewed over 254 million times.

File those facts and more in your Miley folder! 'Pop Up Video' airs on VH1 on Wednesdays at noon and 12:30PM ET.

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