Miley Cyrus broke her booty bone earlier this week, and we have a hunch that the injury has left the starlet with a lot of extra time on her hands as she recovers. Miley seems to have been digging around her old family photo albums, as she recently posted a hilariously awkward Cyrus family picture on Twitter.

On her official Twitter page, Miley wrote, "Awkward family photos. Look @billyraycyrus always giving face!" LOL Miley! We would have to agree -- Billy Ray, back in his 'Achy Breaky Heart' heydey, is looking fierce in this picture with that super '90s mullet! Miley's mother Tish is also donning an ultra '90s, teased-out hairdo.

As for Smiley Miley and her siblings? Their '90s looks are forever immortalized in this family photo. Sitting atop a bale of hay, Miley's three siblings (she actually has two more, but they weren't born yet) are rocking washed-out jeans, with 'The Climb' songstress being the most fashion-forward in her darker pair o' pants. Her older half-brother Trace, who is one half of 'Shake It' hitmakers Metro Station, is also sporting a mullet just like his dear ol' dad -- we have a feeling he and her older half-sister Brandi (who is wearing a huge pair of spectacles) are probably in stitches after seeing this pic!

Miley should submit this to! Do any of you have any funny awkward family photos stashed about your house? Leave us a comment below describing your most ridiculous family photo!