While neither Miley Cyrus nor Liam Hemsworth have confirmed the status of their relationship, the media and gossip consensus is that the couple has ended its engagement.

While several sources confirmed the breakup, attributing it to her wild child ways and his possibly roving eye, another source has said that they have "split for now" and that Cyrus wants a reconcilation.

The source said that the singer/actress "seems exhausted" as she deals with this situation.

Also, the source revealed that the wedding has not been officially called off, which seems contradictory, since the insider said the twosome is broken up.

"She has no plans to see Liam but seems to be clinging to hope that they will get back together," the insider told PEOPLE. "Miley hasn't canceled the wedding."

The fact that he is thousands of miles away in his native Australia isn't helping the situation. While it's been said that his trip was pre-planned and that he needed to get away and get some space, the only way he and Cyrus can solve whatever issues they appear to be having is to be present and with one another. It doesn't bode well, that's for sure.

Cyrus has been silent about her personal life on Twitter, which is not like her. She is usually tapping away on her Smartphone and sharing details and photos of her life with her fanbase. She has relegated her Twitter chatter to a singular topic: her music. Hey, at least she is career-focused, right?

On March 6, she tweeted as much. Maybe she is just refusing to budget and won't utter a syllable about her relationship, good or bad? Who knows.

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