Miley Cyrus has a new puppy! She named the little guy, who is absolutely precious and who she thinks is a Rottweiler-Beagle mix, Happy, after rescuing him.

Turns out, Happy was left in a box outside of a local WalMart, according to his new mom's tweet. While such an action is utterly deplorable and totally cruel, he's actually quite a lucky pup to have been adopted by Miley! We're sure she'll take good care of the cute canine. So there is a silver lining to that black cloud.

Miley shared a few photos of the pup via Twitter, include the one to the left where she took him with her to get her hair done. She posted: "Happy & I getting "groomed" by @glennnutley =]"

Happy already looks like he is attached to his new mommy's hip. Isn't he the cutest little thing ever?

We think that they are both Happy! Miss Miley can't even go to the salon for a hair appointment without toting her new BFF and sharing another photo of him. She's clearly in love.

But how could she not be? Just look at that little angel. We want to eat him up with a spoon.