Miley Cyrus may have a scissor addiction! The starlet, who just debuted a new coif three weeks ago, took her mane to the chopping block again.

The 'LOL' starlet showed off her new look on Twitter, writing, "Got ANOTHER hair cut! You likey?!" The cut is a newer one for the former Disney star, who only just broke away from her usual Rapunzel-length locks. Cyrus is now rocking a layered, face framing style, with the longest pieces just barely grazing her shoulders. It's a piecey, sophisticated look for the 19-year-old, and it showcases her features beautifully.

Cyrus' fans apparently couldn't get over the cropped look. "All y'all are saying its soooo short! Only cut about an inch & a half off tonight! In total about 5 inches!!! I love it! So liberating!" Cyrus tweeted in response. Indeed, she chopped much more of her hair off in January -- this seems to just be an evolution of that style.

Miley's cut follows a bit of pampering from last week. "Steam. hair mask. face mask. play with pups. have a tea. sleep time. what a raginnnn Friday night," she posted on Feb. 11. Considering how hard she works and how much scrutiny she's been under lately, we say Cyrus deserves to treat herself a bit. We think she looks great!