Let's face it: Laser tag was never going to cut it for Miley Cyrus' celebration of her first-ever cover of Rolling Stone magazine. And that painful "Rolling $tone" tattoo on the bottom of her feet? Child's play!

No, Miley went all out for her feature story, asking the mag's contributing editor Josh Eells to join her in jumping out of a plane! And the pair traveled to skydiving mecca Skydive Perris in the desert between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Calif., to do just that, jumping in tandem with their instructors.

The whole adventure was totally the singer's idea, and she appears excited and happy throughout the video documenting the dive. But those facts don't stop her from dishing out expletives with practically every sentence!

"I'm f---ing terrified," Miley says as small plane carrying her and her crew ascends to 12,500 feet. She then flips off the camera, blaming Rolling Stone for what is about to happen to her. All this with a huuuuuge smile on her face.

Dressed in a bright blue jumpsuit and gigantic goggles, Miley is nonetheless completely recognizable as she and her instructor soar through the clouds -- especially with her signature short pigtails and that famous tongue of hers sticking out.

"I'm happy and I am finally a bird," Miley says during the six-minute freefall. "Like I always wanted to be. This is amazing!"

All's well that ends well, as they say, but Miley and her instructor definitely do not stick the landing!