It's a milestone for Miley Cyrus. The singer tweeted that she is proud of herself for not smoking cigarettes for two months. Congrats, Miley. We're proud of you, too, girl!

Anyone who has had an addiction to something knows how hard it is to quit, so this is a big deal for Miley.

While she had said before that she would never smoke, she changed her mind about that in recent years and has been visible with her habit and stopped trying to hide it.

Smoking is bad on a singer's throat and voice, and their general health, so let's give her two thumbs up or whatever supportive digital media emoticon or emoji applies for abstaining!

Quitting sets a good example for her largely young fanbase and it's also better for her voice. She is known for having a bit of a rasp, but she also hits some major notes when she sings. Ditching this dirty habit should keep her vocal cords strong and in shape, and able to entertain us for years to come.

However, we're not saying that Miley is perfect or an angel.

She just admitted in her W interview that she loves smoking weed, which she also said in her Rolling Stone cover. Any type of smoke is irritating to the throat, but at least she has abstained from one sort of smoking. It's worth noting that Miley did smoke cigs in her W interview, which the writer mentions. However, that interview was likely done before she quit, since glossy monthly mags work several months ahead with their editorial calendars.

Cyrus isn't a huge partier, something she has said in the past. So we're proud of her for working on improvements. She also steers clear of the harder and more dangerous drugs, so that's saying something, as well.