Miley Cyrus is gearing up to perform double duty on this coming week’s episode (October 3) of Saturday Night Live, as she’s set to play both host and musical guest for this season’s premiere episode.

As is SNL tradition, the show released a few short video clips promoting her upcoming stint as host and guest.

Decked out in a gaudy, silver metallic dress with her dreadlocked hair pulled back in a tight ponytail that would rival Ariana Grande’s signature look, and a subtle nod to drugs with some mushroom earrings, Miley and SNL cast member Taran Killam play to Miley's typical shock value shtick (which is, frankly, no longer shocking). In one of the videos the question is asked: Will Miley wear clothes during the show? “We’ll see,” she says. So edgy and self-referential!

Hosting SNL is a huge undertaking for anyone, but Miley's up to the task — she’s already hosted twice in the past, in 2011 and again in 2013, when she was also the musical guest.

Comedian Amy Schumer, meanwhile, is set to host the show on October 10. She tweeted about it when it was first announced writing, “I’m hosting SNL October 10th!!! I’ve been working on ideas for a long time and consulting with my people.”

Tracy Morgan — who made his first on stage public appearance during the 2015 Emmy Awards -- has also been announced as an upcoming host for the comedy show, this time for the October 17th episode. He also tweeted about the show, writing, “Stoked to be going home…#SNL.”

Check out all of Miley’s SNL promo videos above.

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