Miley Cyrus' name went up in smoke, so to speak, after she dubbed herself a pothead at her recent birthday party, and this past weekend, 'SNL' took her 'slip' and ran with it.

Truthfully, the skit wrote itself -- the 'Saturday Night Live' writers merely poked fun at Miley's "sarcasm" by creating 'The Miley Cyrus' show, insinuating that the singer in the clip is, well, high. Smiley Miley's slightly-off dad Billy Ray Cyrus makes an appearance, as does a giant bag of Doritos -- likely a result of the newly-19-year-old singer's marijuana munchies.

In all, the hilarity of plant-friendly 'Miley Cyrus Show' goes on for about six minutes and has some pretty interesting guest stars, like a grungy, much older stoner the young singer allegedly met at Burning Man. Miss Whitney Houston also makes an appearance, but we won't ruin the surprise -- enjoy it for yourself below!

Watch 'The Miley Cyrus Show' 'SNL' Skit