Miley Cyrus is all about causes lately. Forget her sarcastic declaration that she is a stoner at her birthday party last week. The Disney star, who supports hearing health and who heaped love on Demi Lovato via Twitter a few weeks back, is now throwing her support at the Occupy Wall Street movement with a new video. Posted on her YouTube channel, it features a remix of her 2010 song 'Liberty Walk.'

Cyrus dedicated the video the thousands of people standing up for what they believe in, which is what the Occupiers (or is that Occupants?) are doing across the globe. Before the song and the video, which is a montage of clips from the Occupy movements in cities all over the world, Miley reminds people "Don't Give Up" via on-screen text. That is followed by the declaration: "It's a liberty walk."

The video then cycles through images of gathered mobs of disgruntled people, set to Cyrus'
auto-tuned dance music. If Miley couldn't be there in the flesh, she was there in spirit. The vid is meant to inspire, zeroing in on signs with inspirational messages, as well as angry ones.

While some might not like what they deem corporate pop music being used to dilute a legit movement -- see the YouTube page comments -- we certainly respect Cyrus chiming in via the one way she knows how: through music. It certainly does not feel like shameless self promo but Cyrus communicating via the language in which she is most fluent.

Watch the Miley Cyrus Occupy Wall Street 'Liberty Walk' Video