It looks like Miley Cyrus got a new tattoo recently, which is nothing groundbreaking for the 'Wrecking Ball' singer, but what is different is that you can actually watch Miley getting tattooed. Ouch!

In case you missed all those scandalous photos of Miley from Wayne Coyne’s holiday party, you can check them out here. There’s one of Miley kissing her new female friend and one of her wearing pot leaf pasties — definitely worth seeing. So it’s not exactly a surprise that that night also saw Miley posing for a video camera while getting inked.

The video shows Miley in a tattoo shop that, according to Instagram, is called Hall of Tattoos. She's sitting in a chair looking totally blissful as the artist goes to town on her ribcage. We're not sure what Miley had done, but we're sure it'll come to light eventually.

Check out the video of Miley getting a tattoo above!

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