Miley Cyrus makes her mark -- but not a sound -- in two new music videos for other people. She appears in Tiffany Foxx's clip for 'Twisted' with Lil Kim, as well as in a snippet of Kaptn's 'Juice' video.

The common threads in them, besides rap and Cyrus? Booze. Lotsa booze. It appears they were filmed on the same day, based on Cyrus' newly improved smile and her identical outfits and sunglasses.

These are likely some of Cyrus' first steps toward establishing her new hip-hop identity. The former 'Hannah Montana' starlet is working with Pharrell Williams and even Tyler, the Creator on her upcoming record.

And if nothing else, if real alcohol was used in these videos, it may have served as an anesthetic. Here's just hoping Cyrus doesn't have to resort to drinking to forget her relationship woes. Red cups won't fix a broken heart!

See Miley Cyrus in the Kaptn 'Juice' Video