Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys must have similar tastes when it comes to performance wear, as the singers were spotted rocking identical crop tops back in late 2012. Their tops might match, but as you can see, it fits them very differently... So who do you think wore it best?

In early Dec. 2012, the future Mrs. Liam Hemsworth rocked the midriff-baring, zip-up top for a special appearance at a Boregore concert. Cyrus might be super skinny, but she's definitely got a pair on her, and her ample cleavage was on full display courtesy of the top's cutouts (FYI -- Miley said in her Cosmo interview that her boobs are her favorite part of her body, so it's no wonder she flaunts those babies).

Meanwhile, Alicia Keys donned the exact same mini shirt while performing 'Girl on Fire' on 'X Factor.' Unlike Cyrus, Keys doesn't have any sort of crazy cleavage going on, but that doesn't mean the super hot top looks any less sexy on her. It fits her quite nicely, and it was actually one of our favorite performance outfits that Keys donned all year.

Who do you think wore this itsy bitsy black top best? Vote Miley or Alicia below!