Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson both channeled Julia Roberts in the classic rom-com 'Pretty Woman' with their keyring, midriff-baring dresses.

Cyrus was seen sporting the design in Miami in July 2013, while Watson can be seen in the same kind of dress in her May 2013 issue of British GQ. Of course, Roberts wore the dress first, portraying a prostitute turned posh in the 1990 flick 'Pretty Woman.'

This revealing, figure-hugging dress has become synonymous with Roberts' famous role as Vivian Ward, but which of these ladies do you think wore it best? Did Miley do it right in Miami, is Julia's classic look still your fave, or do you love Emma Watson's 'Bling Ring' look in GQ?

We'll start with Miley, who snapped a sexy selfie while partying it up in Miami. She was dressed for the hot Florida weather in her ab-flattering keyring dress, which also showed off her amazing legs. Cyrus also chose a red top with a black skirt as the color combo for her 'Pretty Woman'-esque number.

Then there's Julia Roberts, who made this hooker chic look totally famous as Richard Gere's love interest back in '90s. The dress she wore in 'Pretty Woman' had a white top with a blue, tie-dyed bottom. She paired it with patent leather, thigh-high boots to polish of her street-walker style.

Finally, Watson slipped on this hip-hugging dress for her 2013 GQ cover in Britain. Taking a cue from the wardrobe of her 'Bling Ring' character, Nicki, Watson sported the dress in a combo of yellow and navy blue, looking sexier than ever showing off some cleavage, her toned tummy, and great gams. Hermione, is that really you?!?!

Vote Miley, Julia or Emma for who wore it best below!