In the case of the twerkers, Miley Cyrus is facing off against an unlikely opponent: Niall Horan! Which pop superstar twerks better?

We all know that twerking is Miley Cyrus' signature move, and let's face it: The girl can pop her booty like a pro. Whether she's twerking on stage at the VMAs with Robin Thicke or on her Bangerz Tour with a giant prosthetic butt, she's just bein' Miley -- and she can shake it like the best of 'em.

We've all seen Harry Styles twerk, but we weren't necessarily expecting it from his 1D bandmate Niall Horan. Needless to say, Niall twerking was the best part of this recent BTS video -- and look at him go! He may not get as hardcore into it as Miley, but he can certainly jiggle that butt.

Which pop star twerks best? Cast your vote for Miley or Niall in the poll below!

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