The best part of celebrity Twitter accounts is that we get an up-close-and-personal look at the lives of our fave stars! In the case of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, we get usually hilarious and always adorable pictures of their pets!

While Taylor loves to share quirky pics of her cat, Meredith, a frequent fixture on Miley's Twitter is one of her dogs, Floyd. Who do you think has the cuter pet?

An avid animal lover, Miley Cyrus loves sharing pics of her canine companions. Floyd, a Siberian Husky, looks like the perfect fluffy counterpart for edgy Miley. Besides, who can resist those eyes? Check out a pic Mi tweeted of him waking her up!

Taylor, on the other hand, loves to expound on Meredith's funny facial expressions. The cat, who is named after the main character on 'Grey's Anatomy,' has been snapped everywhere from backstage to Taylor's private jet. However, it's T. Swift's constant reminder of their unique friendship that keeps us smiling. Need more convincing? Check out this hilarious pic.

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