Miley Cyrus is gettin' married, y'all! Our favorite Nashville native is currently engaged to longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, and we cannot wait to find out all of the details on Miley Cyrus' upcoming wedding. We've already started to imagine what the ultra-famous wedding party will look like, and who Miley will ask to be in her bridal party. So naturally, we decided to have you guys weigh in on which famous friend Miley Cyrus should definitely ask to be one of her bridesmaids. 

We're thinking that Miley will definitely have her sisters Brandi and Noah as bridesmaids (or one of them as her possible Maid of Honor), and she'll certainly have her BFF Mandy in the mix too. So what about Miley Cyrus' close friends who are famous? She's got a lot of them, so it'll be tough to narrow it down!

First, there's Khloe Kardashian, one of Miley's besties who Cyrus also "punked" on an episode of the MTV show. Then there's Miley's 'Hannah Montana' co-star Emily Osment, who spent years playing Miley's best friend while they also forged a friendship in real life. There's also Miley's current reigning BFF Kelly Osbourne, who actually threw Cyrus her 19th birthday bash and is often seen out and about with the songstress/actress.

Some other candidates for Miley Cyrus' potential bridesmaids? Demi Lovato has a good shot making the bridal party, as the girls used to be good friends back in their Disney glory days. Miley Cyrus could also ask her 'LOL' co-star Ashley Greene to be a bridesmaid, as they bonded while filming in Paris. On a side note, isn't it weird that Demi, Miley and Ashley have all dated a Jonas brother in the past? Maybe they could all have a grand ol' time making fun of their former flames, because let's be honest, who doesn't do that after a breakup?

Finally, we think Taylor Swift could also become a potential bridemaids in the Miley Cyrus wedding. The girls were great friends back in the day, before both of their schedules got totally freakin' insane, and we think Taylor would be a great, calming person to have around during such a stressful time.

Which one of Miley Cyrus' famous friends is bridesmaid material? Cast your vote below.

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