Did Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' really need another cover version?

No, it didn't. But this one, done on Chatroulette -- which is a place where people all over the world can engage in and initiate random online conversations -- is as creepy as it is funny. There's an emphasis on the creeptacular part, mind you. We only recommend watching this if you have a strong stomach.

A bearded, hairy dude re-enacts the video, but luckily he is wearing tighty whities and a wifebeater tank for most of the clip as he swings, gyrates and makes out with a sledgehammer. The split screen is hilarious as we get to watch the reactions of his viewers.

We'll admit that at the 1:38 mark, we were at the "MAKE IT STOP" threshold, but like a 10-car freeway pile-up, we couldn't look away.

We wish we did, since it gets NSFW at the two-minute mark when this Wrecking Baller bares it all. Watch if you dare.