Last year, we ran a super-sized competition to determine the greatest pop song in modern history, from the 80s to today. Now, we’re back—and this time, it’s all about honoring the best and boldest in music videos.

It's time for the final round of #GreatestPopVideo of the '10s!

Adele might be rolling in the dough with 25 at the moment, but a few years ago, she was skyrocketing to superstardom with her almighty "Rolling In The Deep." Apparently, the impact of that video is still going strong: Not only did she successfully twirl right past Sia's "Chandelier" in the first round, but she fought out two superstar pop divas — Lady Gaga and Beyoncé — through the semi-finals with a 52% majority. But will it be enough to secure the crown for the final round?

Miley Cyrus came crashing through in the buff with her massive "Wrecking Ball" in 2013, which continues to be a crushing force to be reckoned with today: Not only did Miley beat out Kanye's creepy "Monster" video, but she successfully fought her way past Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" in the semi-final round with just a hair of a lead — 50.8% to be exact. Will she do the same this time around?

It's time to decide: Between Miley's "Wrecking Ball" and Adele's "Rolling In The Deep," who ultimately has the most iconic video of the '10s?

Please your vote below — this round will end on December 17 at 5 PM ET.

Adele + More Pop Stars Looking Fresh Faced: