R&B teen group Mindless Behavior show their favorite girls some love in the new holiday-themed video 'Christmas With My Girl.' The clip dials down the swagger of some of their recent videos and presents a cheerful, joyous message.

"Your presence is the only present that I really wanted," they rap while offering the ladies gifts covered in wrapping paper that features photos of themselves. You know you're cool when you have your own wrapping paper!

The theme of the song should be no surprise, considering that the group's debut album features songs called 'My Girl,' '#1 Girl' and 'Mrs. Right.' The guys sing, "The first time I ever talked to you / My heart told me you are a dream come true / And the first time you put your hand in mine / I was wishin' it would last a lifetime / All I want for Christmas is my girl."

While they croon about their love, Mindless Behavior and their female companions play foosball and challenge each other at dancing video games. They also head outside, where the falling snow doesn't bother them as they build snowmen, go sledding and engage in snowball fights.

Some of the scenes look straight out of a Gap ad, with the guys sporting fashionable sweaters and scarves. As the video ends, everyone gathers around a fire and roasts marshmallows. It looks like the boys got exactly what they wanted this Christmas.

Watch the Mindless Behavior 'Christmas With My Girl' Video