Hot on the heels of their 'Mrs. Right' tour video, Mindless Behavior dropped their new clip for 'Girls Talkin' Bout.' The frenetic pace and technical dance moves are sure to be great promotion for their headlining Scream tour.

The video opens with colorful text, breaking into strobe lights and the guys' trademark style and dancing. Each member -- Princeton, Prodigy, Ray Ray and Roc Royal -- are in a futuristic studio showing off their moves and killer fashion sense. The guys are clad in color while their backup dancers are in black and white with sneakers matching whichever member is in front of them at the time.

Soon, the guys are in different outfits and have moved to the parking lot of a car wash, where -- what else? -- a dance party ensues.

The video perfectly captures Mindless Behavior's vibe: youthful ("Ya' heard about my age? / Forget that number"), stylish ("swagger on a hundred-thousand-million and beyond") and precisely what girls will be talkin' bout.

Watch the Mindless Behavior 'Girls Talkin' Bout' Video