Mindless Behavior stomped in to the 'Ellen' show on Wednesday to lay down a few of their hits from their '#1 Girl' album, including their show-stopper 'Mrs. Right.'

Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc impressed the audience with an acrobatic delivery of their hit about traveling the world to find the best girl, which lead quickly into their more recent single 'Girls Talkin' Bout,' complete with backup dancers.

The boys proved that age is just a number as they slid across the stage in unison, perfectly matched to their partners as they danced and showed off their best moonwalks. Unlike many guests on 'Ellen,' Mindless Behavior even brought with them a full set, which added to their street-like performance.

At the end, Ray Ray shut things down by telling the host, "We love you, Ellen!"

Watch Mindless Behavior Perform a Medley of Hits on 'Ellen'