Sure, screaming fans can be crazy from time to time, but that doesn't mean they don't have relationship potential. MTV caught up with cutie pie quad Mindless Behavior, who admitted that they would definitely date a fan.

"I will date a fan, because I think just as much love as the fans show us, we should show them," Prodigy said, speaking for the rest of the boys. "We love the fans out there. We love you," Princeton chimed in, adding, "On stage we try to go 110% just to show how much we love them," without really offering himself up to the girls.

Should the 'My Girl' group ever want to peruse their fans' potential, they'd have plenty of datable candidates. Mindless Behavior has opened for Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and the Backstreet Boys, which has undoubtedly given them plenty of street cred.

Their debut album, '#1 Girl' dropped Tuesday, and already, their music video has 15 million views. Somewhere out there, four No. 1 girls are watching, and hopefully one day the boys will find their matches in the crowd. Before signing off from their interview, the boys blew a kiss to their potential future girlfriends, letting them know that their eyes are peeled, too.

See Mindless Behavior Talk About Dating a Fan