Mindy Kaling played dress up at the Vogue offices as part of her feature for the magazine, wearing a self-described "elegant" and "joyless," cream-colored dress and sweater. The actress was utterly adorbs, helping the fashion bible showcase its seemingly new and updated way of doing things, like putting a reality star on its cover and having a sense of humor!

Another hilarious moment in this video? When Kaling asked to try on the clothes from another rack, but was declined since that was for an upcoming cover featuring a hip-hop star. Natch!

The actress was further inappropriately adorbs in the Vogue fashion closet, sniffing jewelry, posing like Charlie's Angels and wearing a motorcycle helmet.

She is the cutest thing ever and was clearly having a good time making those around her feel slightly uncomfortable.

The actress addressed body mage images in her feature, saying, "I feel the same way about clothes as I do about food. I want everything." She also admitted that she is perpetually trying to drop 15 pounds, but not in an obsessive way. "I never need to be skinny," Kaling confessed. She constantly seeks to improve without beating herself up.

Mindy Kaling is so in touch with her true self and is an inspiration to young women everywhere. BTW, her cute dress and sweater weren't joyless since she was wearing 'em!

Yeah, so we just decided that M. Kaling is our new girl crush.