One of the many things we love about Mindy Kaling is her willingness to be totally open and honest about, well, pretty much everything. During a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she talked about not only her dating life, but one night stands specifically and just how different her approach to dating is from that of Mindy Lahiri's -- her character on The Mindy Project.

Mindy told Ellen that while she's single and dating, she's super not into one night stands -- unlike her character. She said (quotes via US Weekly), "I am dating, but one of the challenges I've noticed is that I'm not very much like my character, who is very wild, and I think that when I go on dates there's this expectation that I'm going to have like 11 martinis and like pass out and spend the night really soon."

She went on to talk about the disconnect between her actual personality and her character's, saying, "I think people get a little disappointed because my true self is like I could never do that ... have a one-night stand. I have my medications that I have to take at night. I'm like, 'I have to be at my house and like do my flossing.' I have all that stuff."

Mindy then went on to talk about those pill boxes that divide up your medication for the week. She said, "I'm now kind of a version of my mom where I really like my little pills in their little pillbox. I once had to go on a trip and I had to bring all my medications and I put them in, you know, they’re for the elderly? When I came back from the trip, I was like, 'Oh, I kind of like this.' So I have my little like Monday through Sunday. So these are the kind of sexy stories that guys really like to hear when we date."

Check out Mindy's interview with Ellen over at EllenTube!

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