Terra Jole, a small person who is a Lady Gaga and Britney Spears impersonator, harbors no illusions about how and why she entertains people. She knows when she performs as Mini Gaga or Mini Brit Brit that people are interested in her because of her size. She knows that if she were regular height, she'd be just another impersonator and that her size works in her favor.

Jole (or Mini Gaga) reveals in a CNN profile that she's known that she wanted to perform since the age of 5, but she is not laboring under any sort of delusion that she is the people she performs as. She know where they end and she begins. She said, "I do not find myself in 7/11 randomly thinking I am Lady Gaga." Jole is so self-aware. That's probably why she is so entertaining as Mini Gaga!

While she does find a way to "manipulate in my head that they came for me" when she is playing pop music characters, Jole is a consummate entertainer through and through.

Watch the CNN Profile on Mini Gaga