O to the M to the G! Little Kellan Sarmento is so cute we want to eat him up with a spoon. All you need to do is peep this behind-the-scenes video of the little pro's photo shoot and you will certainly experience the same emotions toward him. He is adorable with a capital "A."

In this two-minute clip, you can watch Kellan as he shakes his groove thing. He clearly loves the camera and the feeling is reciprocal, as he comes alive when in front of a lens. He is super duper photogenic and is starting early. We foresee a long future for this kid in front of many cameras.

He is button-cute, especially with his Warbler-style bow tie and blazer. Ryan Murphy, are you watching? You can never start the 'Glee' casting process too early. Those super slick moves don't hurt, either!

He even understands that fresh breath is a priority as we see him chew a wad of bubble gum. We know, precious, right? What a little charmer with a million dollar smile.

Watch Kellan Sarmento Behind-the-Scenes of His Photo Shoot