Miranda Cosgrove doesn't think she believes in love -- or so she claims in her hot new single, 'Million Dollars.'

The track made its appearance bright and early Monday morning (Jan. 9), and is amped up enough to get you going through the week -- though the message isn't all that uplifting. It seems that 'Million Dollars' is about Cosgrove recovering from a breakup of sorts, as she bids farewell to the one she lost by "singing you were my million dollars."

Throughout the song, the 'iCarly' songstress questions everything around her -- faith, life happenings and how we lose people -- as if she's finding herself as she grows into adulthood. "I think I'm gonna break tradition / Go out and burn some bridges / After everything I've given with no return," Miranda declares in one particularly poignant verse.

'Million Dollars' is the new single from the forthcoming 'iCarly iSoundtrack II,' which is obviously the second soundtrack supporting the singer's popular teen television show. The collection features this gem and a few others with Miranda Cosgrove's seal of approval, as well as songs from Katy Perry, Kesha and more (full tracklisting here).

While we love the idea behind this track, we're not loving how it fell into place as a whole, but perhaps the rest of the record will lend something more favorable. Grab your copy of 'iCarly iSoundtrack II' when it hits shelves on Jan. 24.

Listen to Miranda Cosgrove, 'Million Dollars'