YouTube sensation Miranda Sings has big plans for 2015 and she's not going to let anyone get her down!

The singer and vlogger released a new video on the first day of 2015 titled 'A Song for the Haters.' In the song, Miranda sings the blues about the haters and trolls she has to deal with as an Internet celebrity.

"Hey guys it's me Miranda," she begins. "The famous Miranda Sings / I have haters who are mean, rude and nasty / And all those kinds of things / In my YouTube comments / They're always makin' a fuss / They wanna be just like me / Those haters are just jealous."

We're sure anyone who is tired of negative Internet trolls writing hateful comments and messages can relate to this video, and we're glad to see her take on her opponents in such a fun way.

Click on the play button above to watch her latest video.