Miss Piggy has been an iconic star of film and television since her debut on The Muppet Show in 1976. Despite her worldwide popularity, she's been consistently overlooked by award committees for decades—until now.

On June 4, Miss Piggy will receive a Sackler Center First Award "for more than forty years of blazing feminist trails with determination and humor, and for her groundbreaking role inspiring generations the world over," according to the Brooklyn Museum, the awards show venue. Everyone's favorite faux-French sow will sit down for a conversation with feminist intellectual Gloria Steinem, and Piggy's on-again, off-again boyfriend Kermit will also appear.

At first glance, this seems like a promotional stunt to draw attention to an event that's previously honored important (and human) women like Toni Morrison and Sandra Day O'Connor. But Miss Piggy is a trailblazing female role model, full of complexity and contradictions. She's glamorous. She's crazy strong. She's got anger issues and serves a mean karate chop. She even recorded a fitness album that encouraged heavy snacking! And all despite a nearly 40-year relationship with a noncommittal, perpetually distracted frog. Piggy definitely deserves this.

If you're in the New York City area, you can attend this illustrious event in June. Tickets are a bit pricey starting at $300, but you've got to pony up to pay tribute to the pig.