Missy Elliott cherishes her musical bond with the late Aaliyah. She, along with producer Timbaland, created memorable chart-topping hits with the late songbird. While most fans remembered Aaliyah for her music, Missy remembers her as always being a comedian who "wanted to laugh."

In her interview with RapFix Live, Missy reminisces about working with Aaliyah in the studio for the first time on her 1994 debut 'Age Ain't Nothing But a Number.' "We were nervous when we first worked with her because nobody knew who we was," she recalls. "She came in and was so warming; she made us immediately feel like family."

Missy also told an anecdote of when Aaliyah would practice her lines for her 2002 film 'Queen of the Damned' using fake-rotten teeth that she bought from a joke store. "She had them teeth in [her mouth], practicing her lines for 'Queen of the Damned,'" she said. "It was just so funny to me because I was like, if people could see this. She was a character, always happy."

By now, Missy is tired of people asking her about this supposed posthumous Aaliyah album. The veteran rhyme-slinger says she hasn't listened to Drake's tribute single 'Enough Said' and has no thoughts on the controversy surrounding the album or song.

"I don't even want to talk about that because I'm being asked a lot," she said. "It's very sensitive, but because she represented positive energy. She was positive. I don't ever want to bring controversy around her name."

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