Ali Williams is the envy of Beliebers everywhere. The 18-year-old plays Justin Bieber's love interest in his 'Mistletoe' video, and now she's dishing on that joyful kiss.

In an interview with MTV, the college freshman says she's still dealing with all of the attention she's received from the role. "My friends were freaking out a little more than I was," she reveals. "I wasn't really prepared for all the stuff that was happening."

The Belmont University student says that details about the project were kept under wraps, but she landed the gig one day before the Nashville-area shoot, and quickly learned who the music video was for. However, while Williams was excited for the opportunity, she admits she's not exactly the world's biggest Belieber.

"I definitely admire him. He's very successful in what he's doing," she adds. "I wasn't too familiar with his music, but I was very excited to meet him, and I'm glad that I did."

According to the journalism major, The Biebs was just as any fan of the singer would expect him to be -- perfect. Williams continues, "He was really nice. He was a good person. I heard that he was a nice guy, just from what you read in magazines and stuff, so I wasn't really worried about meeting him. He was ... Really easy to get along with, really polite. As far as the kissing, it was very professional. It's just a job."

Watch the Justin Bieber 'Mistletoe' Video