UPDATE: A spokesperson for Misty Upham's family confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that the body found was hers. Our thoughts are with her friends and family during this time.

Sadly, it looks as though the body of 'August: Osage County' star Misty Upham may have been found today (Oct. 16).

Although not yet confirmed, the family of the actress reportedly told TMZ that a body found by one of their search teams in a ravine looks like Misty, and could very well be her. The team has not yet confirmed the identity of the body, as they have yet to get close enough to tell, but from what they can see, searchers say there is a strong resemblance to the actress.

Reporting her missing on Oct. 6, Misty's family was particularly worried about her as they feared she was suicidal. People reported that shortly before Misty went missing, cops were called to a disturbance at her residence: "Our officers responded to her apartment where she lives with her parents on Sunday for a suicidal call,” Commander Steve Stocker told the magazine. “When our officers got there, she had already packed up some belongings and left the apartment, so the officers were not able to contact or find her.”

That was not the first time officers were called to Misty's apartment on the basis of a suicide scare -- citing four visits over the past year alone.

Since her departure, Misty has not been in contact with any family members.