Mitch Winehouse is the hardest working grieving father we know. We really applaud Mr. Winehouse for how he has dealt with his grief over the death over his daughter Amy Winehouse by plunging head first into the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the organization he created after her death. Winehouse told The Sun that he'd love to have Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding serve as an ambassador to the foundation and represent its mission.

Since the AWF aims to help people struggling with substance abuse, like Amy Winehouse did and like Harding is, it'd seem to be a perfect pairing. Harding is currently in rehab so that she can deal with issues stemming from alcohol abuse and depression. She reportedly crashed and burned when she and fiancé Tom Crane split last month.

Winehouse told The Sun that Harding is the prime candidate to teach kids about the problems associated with substance abuse, since she has been through it first hand and survived. He said, "If we could pick Sarah up when she recovers and put her in front of a school assembly to tell those kids the reality of drinking and alcoholism, it would be making a big start. Sarah will be ideal, but all in good time when she has faced her own problems. There might be some kids who actually take notice of what she has to say."

We agree with Mr. Winehouse. Harding could be quite the role model distilling her own issues into a good cause such as helping to educate others, a la Demi Lovato.

In other Winehouse news, the inquest into her death is set to re-open on Wednesday, Oct. 26. She died at home in her bed on July 23, at the age of 27. The cause of death is still undetermined. Meanwhile, dear ol' dad toils tirelessly to keep her memory alive and as untarnished as possible.