Who is the real Mitt Romney? It seems like no one knows, but for the record, Romney is currently the frontrunner in the GOP presidential race. So here's an unexpected treat for both Eminem fans and those who are politically inclined.

The Eminem track 'The Real Slim Shady' is used for comedic effect in a viral video called 'Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up.' The mash-up clip features some of Romney's past comments during his presidential debates, rallies and television interviews behind the backdrop of Em's 2000 song.

Some of the things spliced together to create Romney's rap include his stance on the economy, abortion and a dog on the roof ("Who let the dogs out / Woof! Woof!"). Also, footage of President Obama edited to have him ask, "Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?" is funny, as well.

We would like to thank humorist Hugh Atkin for having so much time on his hands. He posted the Romney video on Monday (March 19) and so far has racked up 20,000 views and counting. If you like this mash-up video, then check out his other videos on his YouTube channel.

We don't know if the real Slim Shady or the real Mitt Romney would actually approve of this video, but they might get a chuckle out of it.

Watch the 'Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)' Video