Hot off the success of her last single "Get You Off," rising Swedish pop singer Mizgin is back with another song that we can't get enough of. Her new song, "If I Said I'm In Love (Suicide)" is a dance-pop club banger, with a subject matter that those of us who have been burned in love can relate to all too well. The song is all about coming to the realization that no matter how much you love someone, you should probably burn the bridge if you know the person's no good for you — preferably after parking that person's car on said bridge.

Mizgin sings, "The one thing that I know I can't have / Is something that I want so bad / I'm all out of excuses / Time for me to take control." It's a relatable feeling: Everyone has that one person (or multiple people, depending on how poor your judgment is) who screws with your head and ruins your life and makes you want to start a million small fires in an enclosed space. Recognizing—and coming to terms with—that kind of toxicity is the first step toward getting out of it, something that's imperative to moving on.

Mizgin said of the track, "The message is that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else, or you would be committing mental and emotional suicide. It is better to face temporary pain and heartache but survive rather than kill yourself slowly."

She added, "Bad love is like an addictive poison... You think you need it but it slowly kills you! The song is about the withdrawal process...Regaining control of your life.”

Listen to "If I Said I'm In Love (Suicide)" above!