Lady Gaga was scooped by magazine editors last week, when images and details about her debut scent Fame began to sprout up online before the Mother Monster was able to officially share pertinent info, such as the name, the notes and accords and the bottle. She worked to quick stanch the digital bleeding, tweeting images and more information. Now, the official press release and print ad have been revealed. We're especially curious, since the liquid is black.

Here's what you need to know, according to Basenotes, which posted the press release. Lady Gaga Fame is due to drop in September 2012 via her Haus Laboratories in conjunction with Coty. It is labeled the first-ever black perfume.

The color is certainly a cool element to the fragrance, but it's obviously not long lasting, since your skin will not be stained by wearing it. The eau de Gaga is black in the bottle, but sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne. This is apparently a patent pending technology that is launching in association with Fame.

This is not just another celeb fragrance. Another engineering advancement occurs in the scent, which, thanks to its "push pull technology," which means the notes work together at the same time, without any hierarchy. So there are no base or top notes, as is the case with the chemical makeup of other perfumes.

The release states, "All of the notes were crafted to work together harmoniously thanks to the complimentary properties of each ingredient, which allow for a true metamorphosis of the scent when worn on skin."

It's also a mix of dark (belladonna, the deadly nightshade possessed by haunted beauties since the 18th century, meshed with dripping honey, saffron and apricot nectar) and light (fruits and florals).

In the statement, the Mother Monster herself said, "Enjoy the first ever fragrance from Haus Laboratories. Fame, a beautiful prospect with a dark heart. X GAGA."

We definitely want a whiff of Fame.