Yesterday we took you into a World of Plank with some of today's biggest stars showing off their best planking poses. We've got a whole new set of plankers for ya hot off the presses! See Justin Bieber, Game, and Flavor Flav show off their planking goodies in our second installment of 'When Stars Go Planking.' Enjoy!

  • Justin Bieber

    Apparently, Justin never said never to the planking craze because here he is, looking like he's got a killer case of rigor mortis. This picture looks like it's from awhile ago, showing us that Bieber, once again, is ahead of the plank curve. (Is that an oxymoron?)

  • Big Sean

    Big Sean is celebrating the release of his new album this week 'Finally Famous' by planking up a storm. All we can say is, thank goodness you're finally planking Big Sean!

  • Flavor Flav

    Flavor Flav shows us that he's the King of the Planks, wearing a crown, while he planks the back of a flatbed 18-wheeler. We can't wait until he's switched his catchphrase to 'FLAVOR PLAAANK.'

  • Lloyd

    We have to give Lloyd the prize that no respectable planker wants. The WP Award, or Weakest Plank Award. Yes, he's being tattooed while attempting this plank pose, but we're sure he's not making anyone's plank rock with this sad attempt.

  • Mayer Hawthorne's Mannequin Friend

    Soul singer Mayer Hawthorne tweeted this pic saying simply, "Next level planking." True that, Mayer! Any planker (mannequin or not) who can pull off that pose clearly has the skills to pay the bills.

  • Nick Cannon

    You'd think with a new set of twins, a beautiful wife, and busy career Nick Cannon wouldn't have time for plankin' around. Good thing this new dad and host of America's Got Talent has got a sense of humor. And a killer plank.
  • Game

    Game wished us a 'Hood Morning' (yes, 'hood' not 'good') on Twitter today accompanied by this plank pose. We can now make the assumption that the rapper calls himself Game because he's a winner. And you know what he's winning at? Planking.

  • Diddy's Son Quincy + Friends

    What do you call it when you get three strikes in a row when bowling? A turkey. What do you get when you have three people in a row lying face down at a bowling alley? A turkey plank. Diddy's son, Quincy and his gang of planking friends round out today's list of the best mother-plankers around!