Moses Stone's entire blind audition was not televised on last night's episode of 'The Voice' (Feb. 13.) It's a shame, since he was a real party starter and he was actually selected for Christina Aguilera's team.

He is also the very first MC ever picked by a coach on the show. He's older than Astro from 'X Factor' but will face similar challenges, since this is a singing competition and his style expands outside of that box. But Xtina is taking a chance with him, having worked with hip-hop artists her whole career. If anyone can handle the challenge, it's Miss Aguilera.

In his post-audition interview, Stone said he is amped to see what Aguilera can teach him. Correspondent Christina Milian called him a "party starter" thanks to his vibe during his perf, and he basically said he was feeding off the love the audience showed him.

"I have different layers and I am about positivity and bringing up the youth," Stone said. "I love to perform and I'm an entertainer."

That whole positivity thing isn't lip service. He works with kids, too.

Moses Stone will certainly make Xtina's team interesting on Season 2 of the show.

Watch Moses Stone in the 'After the Audition' Video