The house from 'Mrs. Doubtfire' was a "target of suspicious fire," CBS San Francisco reports. The fact that Robin Williams' character came up with the name of his nanny persona after reading the newspaper headline "Police Doubt Fire Was Accidental" just makes this story more all the more devastating -- and ironic.

According to CBS San Francisco, police were called to the home -- which is actually is on Steiner St., just as Williams says in the beloved 1993 film -- after a suspect reportedly attempted to set fire to the garage and front door of the house. CBS reports that the person may have tried to use gasoline.

The home is now owned by plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Ousterhout, who told police that he had been having problems with a former client. However, he did note that he was "not sure" who would have caused the fire.

After Williams' tragic death last year, the steps of the home became a makeshift memorial for the actor, as fans left flowers and other mementos outside of the house.

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